Noisestash Roundup, Trolls and Samba edition

Troll wins, unless you follow our Troll survival guide.

Today was the final day of Survival Week. The topic? Surviving the onslaught of offline trolls.

With survival week at an end, let’s celebrate.

Androids new music player has been leaked and cloud services verified.

How Mattel can get inside your head… what? Those… aren’t my thoughts… I wouldn’t think such foul thing about barbie. *cough*

Trying really hard not to yawn at this. Dell 10-inch Windows 7 Tablet ducking till fall.

iPad 2 tops tablet ranking in a list in which it is the only player… let’s be honest. There’s nothing else out there. The iPad actually won the number 2 spot… see?

Not to be outdone, Nook is matching the Kindle deal to get you behind that paywall.

Here we go. iPod Touch rumor.

Did some Nigerian prince just hustle Condé Nast for $8 million? Bahahaha.

Verizon iPhone users drop fewer calls than their AT&T brethren. The sky is also blue and water makes you wet. This is a great day of discovery.

No force in the verse can stop bittorrents, not even a quake in Japan.

I feel very positive about the changes to Ubuntu’s look. People see to forget that it stays the same under the hood and are letting blind rage control them.

A drug that will make you a morally upright person. Yeah, that worked out marvelously for Miranda.

Genuinely excited for this. Silverlight coming to Xbox. WP7 games may be in tow.

Another Windows 8 rumor. Make way for the Microsoft haters, but you know this is a good thing and if they had integrated a PDF reader earlier, they would have had to write a fat anti-trust check to the EU and to Adobe.

Is there a time when you shouldn’t use Google and should rely on other search engines? Lifehacker has an answer.

Good job, America.

Despite earlier rumors to the contrary, sources are now saying there will be no iPhone 5 this June.

SpaceX reveals the falcon Heavy (super-duper-mega-turbo-extreme) rocket. The most powerful rocket since the (merely) might Saturn V. The private sector is movin’ on up.

Nokia is holding a Symbian event on April 12th. We have our theories on what it’s about…

Motorola Xoom and Atrix 4g sales are said to be disappointing. Agrippa is said to be surprised. (not rly)

I see nothing wrong with this. Clearly everything will be fair and balance now. /s

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