ReWalk Redefining Power Walk

The ReWalk Exoskeleton

It’s easy to get caught up in trivial pursuits of modern technology; is this app going to make my life on facebook seem more interesting, this new PC has a bunch of large numbers and runs Crysis – it must be good, or it’s made by Apple – it just works, but truthfully there are some folks out there that aim to truly change people’s lives. The ReWalk is just that type of technology.

Argo Medical Technologies’ ReWalk is a robotic exoskeleton that allows many wheelchair bound users the ability to walk, sit, and climb stairs. Honestly, there was an expletive in here because I had to do a double take on that last sentence. For paraplegics that want a chance to walk or walk again, this bit of tech is nothing short of a modern miracle.

There are some downsides, for one the ReWalk is currently in clinical trials so it’s not quite commercially available but Argo Medical Technologies is currently working on getting it in the hands of both private and commercial consumers. Since it’s not commercially available, the price is a bit steep at an estimated $150K per unit.

Still, the fact that it’s a technological breakthrough that can truly improve on people’s quality of life makes this something that’s not just worth investment in, but something we can undoubtedly love. See the ReWalk in action below.

Thanks for the tip @KillahKazx

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