Noisecast Roundup 4-19-2011: Judgement Day Redux

Happy Judgement Day! According to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, this is the date that Skynet achieves sentience and goes apeshit on mankind’s backside. Some of you may remember that the date was initially set at August 29, 1997. That clearly didn’t happen, and you clearly forget that it was stopped. Well, it was postponed, hence the T:TSCC and the attempt to handle business for good. Thanks to FOX and the Friday night deathslot (which also took Firefly, Dark Angel, John Doe, and Dollhouse, but has so far failed to kill Fringe), we will never know if Sarah Connor succeeded in averting Judgement day (at least until midnight). Even then, she may have just postponed it again. *sigh* This is exhausting. Continue after the jump for the roundup.

  • Skynet Skynet Skynet. Let’s think about Judgement Day.
    io9 brings us a nice collection of their articles, old and new, that are robot or Terminator themed in honor of our robot overlords on this the re-mapped Judgement day.
  • T-Mobil is giving you free VoIP through Facebook.
    Is this the death knell for Skype? Umm… doubtful, but it’s pretty cool and we will have a full review of it forthcoming. The idea of free Voip calls to any of the 500 million users who have it is an advantage over Skype in that it is not another piece of software on your desktop to fiddle with. I’m not saying people are too lazy to mess with Skype (millions aren’t), I’m refering to the ease with which it can be accessed by those who already spend lifetimes on Facebook. Honestly, there’s no reason that Skype didn’t put this first. Once there is deep level video calling integration with Facebook, I will start wondering at the death of Skype as anything but a niche program.
  • uTorrent 3.0 adds some awesome features.
    I’m 12, what is this? I don’t even know what this program is, I’ve never seen it or used it in my life. Not sure what it’s used for. Good luck to it though, I guess.
  • Convofy revisited.
    The Noisecast revisits convofy after more use and it isn’t entirely pretty. The consensus is that it’s good at what it does, but it just doesn’t do anything most would need. We do offer the caveat that we are talking about our use, but have started getting other groups to play with it and see what may come. In general, it is good but not wow.
  • The Numbers Don’t Lie: Apple still trouncing Android Stateside.
    The numbers don’t lie. It looks like Apple is trouncing Android in the US (though not worldwide). The main dominance is of course in tablets where Apple has a Google search-like commanding lead. But in general, iOS has far deeper market penetration and impact than Android.
  • Samsung isn’t taking the Apple lawsuit lying down. They intend to bite back with their own.
    Samsung is determined to fight back against Apple in their lawsuit which in essence tries to claim patent on the rounded rectangle. Samsung is going to dig into its bag of patents to fire back. As usual, this fight is going to get ugly [insert embarrassing to watch as an adult]
  • RIM Playbook doesn’t play nice with AT&T.
    Poor RIM, it can’t seem to get a break with its ill-conceived Playbook. While this problem is more AT&T’s fault as usual, RIM itself suffers from a distinct lack of any ability to innovate. RIM is the new post-Razr Motorola.
  • ITC Staff: Siding with Nokia and HTC in Apple Lawsuit is Best for Public.
    In all honesty, I feel uncomfortable with this. Though Apple has become the biggest of the big ridiculous patent lawsuits, they’re hardly the only players. The last thing I want is a politicized move to stop the behavior that doesn’t address the underlying patent process in the first place.

Let’s check in on Skynet Research.

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