Noisestash Roundup, April Fool edition

Something in this list is a lie. Perhaps all of it. I’ll let you be the judge.

Let’s be honest. Today is a slow news day. If anything amazing happened, we wouldn’t believe it.

If you’re one of those types that hates the tomfoolery that defines April Fools Day, you should roll that stone back over the door of your cave and brew some beer. More awesomeness after the jump:

Look, we won April Fools day. Let’s just get that out of the way. (Whatup Nick Denton.)

Wanna see all the other pranks on the web? Hit this up.

Don’t forget, we’re still in the middle of Survival week and today was Daleks.

Sort of a light day on news so bear with us, RadioShack may be getting the new T-Mobile Sidekick.

Fukushima Nuclear plant recreated in Fallout 3. It’s never too soon for works of art.

I only hope these robots don’t make paper airplanes inside me or while they’re supposed to be saving my life.

Gross, sweat powered Wii controller.

I don’t care about this article and it’s content, but did not realize it had already been a year since the iPad came out.

Nerds. Sometimes you redeem yourselves by becoming billionaires and sometimes you shame us all by calling yourselves lame things like decadent robots on online dating sites.

I think I’ll file this under “lolwut?” facebook being sued for $1 billion for not taking down a page fast enough… a page that has nothing to do with the man suing. *not sure if serious*

Is this a joke? Do you get a month of HULU plus free with IE9?

Is this real? Did Sony really Pwn Nintendo in Japan in 2010? Both outselling the Wii and Ds with the PS3 and PSP?

Are you an internet pirate? Are you a freedom lover? Are you a person who uses the internet and feels like reading? Well this Ars writeup about the attempts to handle internet piracy is worth your perusal.

Protip: If you’re going to sue someone for pirating your movie, you might want to own it first.

I’m genuinely excited about Windows 8 (Windows 7 is the rare Microsoft OS that I love to death.) I’m not sure how I feel about it possibly getting Windows Phone 7 pedigree though. I like it for a phone, but not a desktop.

10 Things made possible by poop. Whatever I happen to be dying from that requires a poop transplant from someone else, kindly leave me alone and let me just die. Thank you.

Well, that’s a wrap folks. See you on Monday with another roundup. Don’t forget, we’re still in the middle of survival week(ish) and will be through on Tuesday with a wrap up on Wednesday. Tomorrow is Alien invasion day. Have a great weekend.

5 thoughts on “Noisestash Roundup, April Fool edition”

  1. Windows is going to be Metro, but adapted for desktops, so I don’t think the tiles will be here just yet.

    However, Windows 8 is said to have a Dual UI. Normal one, and the Tablet UI. The Tablet UI will probably include a fully functional Metro UI optimized for touch, while Windows 8 will only have little hints from Metro as Microsoft begins phasing out Aero.

    I predict that Metro will replace Aero in the next 2-3 versions of Windows, I could be incorrect, though.

    1. I think Aero will be phased out much sooner than that. I think Windows 8 will be the death of Aero. But you’re right, I don’t think the tiles are on their way. I’m just terribly excited to see what Windows 8 brings. Actually, I think I’m more excited for 2012 than I was for 2010. 2010 was always supposed to be the year of the future, the starting point of every great scifi adventure moving forward. It turned into a dud full of promises of tablets and little else. 2012 seems to be the year everyone has something cooking that should mature.

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