Noisecast Roundup, 4-7-2011

First of all, these are Mexican pointy boots, therefore your argument is invalid.

The rest of the daily roundup after the jump.

The rest of the roundup awaits. Let’s ride.

Kevlar reviews some WP7 games. I promise, he’s not a fanboy, he just happens to have a WP7 device.

Kevlar to the rescue again. This time, he finally got his NoDo update, though not through official AT&T channels. His review.

Umm… Kevlar must have woken up from a coma today. This time he brings us an Apple lawsuit that actually has merit in public opinion. Not like some other lawsuits.

The newest trend in the tech industry. No more putting apps in app stores, now we take apps out.

Calling all strangers! Ron DOES accept candy.

Shoutout to our friends over at yippayap. The closest thing to a commenter community we have, and the place (post-exodus) that we come from.

With a government shutdown looming, a bunch of government-cog crackberry fiends are about to be separated from their beloved opiate. There will be blood on the streets.

I’ve learned to be dubious on the words Facebook and Openness in the same sentence, but I approve this message.

This is your annual data consumption. Fatty.

Agrippa has a professional crush on Vivek Wadwha. Seriously, he might have a conniption if you don’t watch this video. Yes, I’m talking about myself in the third person.

1 million Priuses (prii?). That’s one more than 999,999 Priuses (prii?) sold in the US alone. That’s a lot.

The cosplay is going a bit far. This is why nerds get beaten up.

Gamestop is setting up shop on Facebook. Does that mean I no longer have to put up with obnoxious employees?

It looks like ChromeOS hasn’t abandoned the tablet form-factor. Too little too late?

So… did we change fundamental physics or not? io9 (sort of) has the answer.

Oh… shit…

These is just getting a bit creepy. I believe in the fight, not the methodology. Anonymous vs Sony.

I’m so excited for this that I might just pass out from anticipation. Live action Mortal Kombat web series (web shorts) start airing on April 12.

If you’ve played or are aware of the game “Limbo” this will give you a very good chuckle

There’s more, much more, but I’m calling it a night folks. We just can’t cover it all without creating a wall of links… or can we? G’night.

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