Do you miss the good old days of #whitenoise? Then check out yippayap!

Ahhh #whitenoise . I miss that place. Remember all those wonderful gif parties we used to have? Those endless threads of funnies and interesting off topic content? Those trollish time warps that would make you receive a reply notification on a thread you started two months prior? Some of you might even yearn for some more #lateniteeuropop! And of course, who can ever forget Bill? What is that? You’ve forgotten about him? Nice try…

Agrippa had coined it “a more polite 4chan.” But with the death of Old Gizmodo also came the death of Old #whitenoise. Nowadays you might get a page (or two if it is busy) of new posts each day and a few old-timers have bared through the changes and stuck around. But for new people to find #whitenoise they have to go through a set of click-hoops by scrolling to the bottom of a page, clicking on the About link, then scrolling all the way down to the bottom of that page to find a nondescript link to Gizmodo’s bubbling sub-community of commenters. In the Old Giz, the #whitenoise link was visible right at the top of the first article and former Gizmodo editor Rosa Golijan would even encourage readers to pay a visit with her frequent “Bored? Head over to #whitenoise!” posts. Now that Rosa is gone, mentions of #whitenoise have all but disappeared and only a few curious readers will stumble upon it by chance. Has nostalgia kicked in? Do you wish you can revisit those good old days and reconnect with the commentariat elite of Gizmodo?

Then head over to yippayap, a startup hashtag-based discussion forum that currently serves as home to many ex-Gizmodo and ex-Jezebel commenters. There, #whitenoise and Jezebel’s #groupthink coexist peacefully through the same bonds that kept them close in the pre-redesign days. Created by Generalissimo in early February, yippayap’s purpose was to keep the commenting communities of both Gizmodo and Jezebel together amidst the commenter exodus that was occurring at the time. Although it is still a work in progress (hence the beta tag) it is valiantly serving its initial purpose. You will find many familiar faces there and it certainly feels like the “good old days” when you start actively using it. People are active, discussions are relevant, trolls are trolling, and hashtags are prevalent. Like the old Gizmodo, you can create your own hashtags if you choose, so those super-secret-incognito-hashtags that you had claimed for yourself can be reclaimed at yippayap! An article submission system was also implemented allowing users to post interesting and relevant articles for people to read. Oh, and you can also get that shiny star you once had on Giz as well!

You can create an account and start commenting on yippayap by associating your Google, OpenID, Twitter, or Facebook profiles. So what are you waiting for? Head over to, sign up, and relive the good old days with familiar faces! As Agrippa told me the other day, “it’s #whitenoise all grown up.”

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  1. You could also, alternatively, just join our Facebook Group! It’s more active than both Yippayap
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