Noisecast Roundup 4-20-2011: Money money money moooneey! Moooneey!

Earnings day and Apple massacred all expectations again. Year-over-year their profit nearly doubled. 50 percent of the revenue was generated by iPhones. Cash rules everything around me (C.R.E.A.M.) but Apple rules everything around (A.R.E.A.). Today is a pretty heavy Apple news day. The TL;DR version is that Apple made more money than is conceivable and secured some patents that will ensure that they continue and they follow you everywhere. Follow the jump for the roundup.

  • Apple Profit Surges 95%
    50% of the revenue came from iPhones. At what point do we start calling Apple a phone company? This is really terribly remarkable. iTunes made $1.4 billion in revenue.
  • Goldman Sachs believe Apple iPad will “Dominate” the tablet market for years
    While I put no stock in prophesy, I’m inclined to believe. I don’t believe the iPad will rule victorious forever, but this commanding lead will take some time to chip away. However, since tablet saturation hasn’t reached cellphone or even PC levels. The game might still be open.
  • Apple awarded design patent for iPhone4 and iPod plus much more.
    When it rains, it pours. the news only gets better for Apple today. Not good news for other manufacturers. They are being given patents on increasingly trivial things. However this is a massive coup because they essentially have a patent on the design and capabilities of their flagship devices. No word yet on if they have the patent on rectangles and the very concept of “shapes” yet.
  • Amazon tablet could launch this summer
    Not surprising news. Word is it could be made by Samsung. This may be just the boost Android need. Also, my wallet and my envy will probably thank them for this. No way Amazon is going to price itself out of play. I should look into an Amazon prime account. I’m ridiculously excited at this prospect since I love my Kindle to death. Then again, I was excited for the Notion Ink Adam and ended up with egg in my face.
  • Still on the topic of Amazon: Amazon is adding Library Lending to the Kindle!
    About frakkin time. Seriously, about frakkin time. Library lending has been a deal breaker and will be a step toward a reasonable way for private citizens to loan their eBooks to each other like they can with paper books. At least make eBooks reasonably cheaper and they might be worth it, the way iTunes (and Amazon music) made songs so cheap that it wasn’t worth it to borrow when you could purchase faster.
  • And to dampen the Apple exuberance: They be tracking your every move behind your back, yo.
    Yeah… tha fuck?

New Apple Anthem? (maybe a bad video since half the people in it are broke now)

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