Just because we’re not podcasting today doesn’t mean we forgot about WTF news

Don’t worry, we’re not going to leave you out in the cold this evening. Although we won’t have the back-and-forth banter from the Podcast team, we can at least provide you with your dose of lulz so you can check them out for yourselves.

A partially-clothed driver with a free-flying budgie along for the ride hit at least four vehicles Sunday before police managed to bring her to a stop.

Please don’t deposit your semen in a co-workers water bottle. It might land you in jail.

Do you play Portal 2? Then you’re promoting anal sex and stealing credit cards.

It can’t be a WTF news section without Florida on it.

Suspended for crying in school? More like suspended for being a little bitch!

Owning a dog is being outlawed in Iran.

Florida once again, this time for spending taxpayer money on superhero capes for the unemployed?

How do you calm a 350 pound 6 foot 4 inch mental patient who is flipping his shit? Give him lollipops.

“This is what the bear probably looked like…except real.”

Actually this sounds like a hell of a fun time.

Think twice before stealing hotel towels on your next vacation.

12 thoughts on “Just because we’re not podcasting today doesn’t mean we forgot about WTF news”

  1. In terms of Iran wanting to ban dogs, it doesnt surprise me If youve ever spent anytime in the middle east you’ll notice the distinct lack of dogs as compared to here, there a bigger predominance of cats. A dog is considered unclean for a few reasons including things like they sometimes eat poop.

    As for the semen, I guess the coworker didnt like to swallow…

      1. One of my biggest adjustments when I moved to the States was the relationship to the dog. Where I grew up, all dogs were “outside” dogs. You either had a dumb dog that stayed outside or you had a highly trained guard dog (both were advertised as such). I’d never really met a dog that didn’t have a purpose, and it was always considered too unclean to be kept in the house. Though some people did trick out the kennels.

        When I came here, all of a sudden, dogs are in the house, on your bed, at your table, licking your plates, licking your face (ewwwww), and 9 out of 10 times they didn’t seem to have a purpose other than just to be there. People treated dogs not as servants (and occasional companions), they treated them like family, talked to them like people – as if there was any hope in hell that they would understand. I’ve adjusted to it, it’s normal for me now, I’m cool with and even expect to have the dog indoors half the time, but I still can’t picture owning a dog if it isn’t trained for some specific purpose like guarding or hunting or seeing-eye. I wouldn’t get a dog for the sake of getting it. I can’t stand toy dogs (chihuahuas and nonsense like that.) Dogs aren’t accessories.

        1. King_Saberhawk

          Wait where did you move from?

          As for toy dogs, like chihuahuas, I cant stand them either.

          1. A number of places, but for this I was referring specifically to Botswana. Though, I’m under the impression that things might be becoming more like it is here. I don’t know. A lot changes in a decade.

      2. The cats get pretty annoying because there’s so many of them, when I was there, I would often hear them outside getting into fights and such.

  2. It can’t be a WTF news section without Florida on it.

    Hillary Parker is, I’m positive, in the midst of transforming into a zombie. Dean Steriti and Thomas Thompson have already made the change, and Jordan Hill is the dude from The Hills Have Eyes; It’s too bad meth got him.

    1. Gumper, what was this story about that you were commenting on? i was trying to find a reference to it but couldn’t. u named someone i knew in ur comment and am just curious what it was on? thanks much

      1. It’s the link above titled
        It can’t be a WTF news section …
        It is in reference to the mug shots and if I was correct(which , from looking again appears to be the case) ZOMBIE POPULATION IS ON THE MULTIPLY!!

        Check for yourself-

        WOW^^^ ::loads shotgun, barricades doors and windows::

        Tellin’ ya, yo…I’m onto something here. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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