Episode 27 of the podcast – “Shots”

So, we’ve made it to another episode and as usual, we continue to stay as shocking as we can. This episode involved an inordinate amount of alcohol, more alcohol, some babbling due to alcohol, and then shots… of alcohol. In the brief lucid moments between copious amounts of alcohol, we discussed a little about tech and a lot about wtf news stories. For once, Florida behaved and only gave us 1 news item. We cover people selling their kids to child molesters for $300, china banning time travel, we learn that you apparently burn 200 calories if you orgasm, and learn that the new white iPhone coming out shortly is special and a must-buy because it’s whitened with unicorn semen.

Like I said… copious amounts of alcohol. You have my sincerest apologies. :D The topic list/show notes after the jump, give the episode a listen right here

Episode 27 Topic list
Date: 4/17/2011, Time: 8EST
Roster: Steven, Marimac, Vitto, Gonzo, Kevlar, Ben

  1. You say “ooh, aah” I say “Wall-E”: http://bit.ly/gAgct4
  2. White iPhone 4 finally being sold late April. (Was this brought up already?)
  3. Wii 2 being announced at E3 Expo on June 7-9:  http://bit.ly/hxlG45
  4. Google is shutting down Google Video:  http://bit.ly/fNskzg
  5. iOS and Android are eating away at Nintendo’s portable gaming empire http://bit.ly/fpOzTJ
  6. Google Holds Out Against ‘Do Not Track’ Flag http://bit.ly/fr7Nty (Any one surprised?)
  7. Want to be better at Video Games, Attach a 9V Battery to your brain. http://bit.ly/hm53gW
  8. Quantum Teleportation Is a Reality http://t.co/umoeZvz
  9. Kohler’s Numi $6,400 high-tech toilet http://t.co/aq3jP65
  10. iPads…dey took our jerbs! http://bit.ly/hnX0n7
  11. Controversial NZ file sharing law PASSED! http://t.co/mJwFFrg
    1. And then ironically…. http://bit.ly/eeTEk6
  12. Brazilian police to use ‘Robocop-style’ glasses at  http://t.co/a1r9U9A
  13. With passwords “broken,” US rolls out Internet identity plan http://t.co/zisphT7
  14. Illinois Rep. Jessie Jackson Jr. Blames iPad for U.S. Job losses. http://bit.ly/ej5rmy
    1. look at #10 :p
    2. fuck my life

WTF News

  1. While other dictatorships are banning dissent and internet use and shit like that, China is in the big leagues, banning time travel like a BOSS! http://bit.ly/gHgy2C (time travel tv shows and movies, that is. They don’t want to give people ideas… que?)
  2. Weight loss doctor accused of sexually assaulting a few of his patients. “If you have an orgasm that would burn around 200 calories” http://bit.ly/hzzV8k
  3. Let’s sell our newborn to a child molester for $300! – http://t.co/kLzTjjw
  4. Man spontaneously combusted at porn shop http://bit.ly/g8bVOy (via yippayap)
  5. 911 called on mourner having seizure at funeral, cops pepper spray relatives: http://t.co/cChS6j9
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