Episode 26 of the Noisecast, “Paprika & ADD”

Even Kittens go crazy in Florida

Well, it’s that time of the week again. A little later in the day this time. Episode 26 of the noisecast. This one is called “Paprika & ADD”. Kevlar sets a Noisecast record by downing 7 beers in the space of the podcast. He is a winner… at life…

We might have to change the name of the WTF news section to the Florida news sections. What is in the water over there? I don’t think we have ever had a WTF section without attention to Florida. I personally miss WTF Japans (after we get over the quake, of course. Our lulz are not insensitive). This episode covers the Google shakeup, Minecraft, naked AK-47 attack on robots… in Florida. We mention Convofy, FCC, and did we mention Kevlar’s ascending levels of drunkenness? So, check out the topic list and links after the jump and give the podcast a listen here:

Episode 26 Topic List

Date: 4/10/2011 Time: 8EST
Roster: Steven, Gonzo, Vitto, Kevlar, Ron, Ben

  1. Larry Page’s first week changes at Google: http://t.co/bed3eUA
  2. Acer Honeycomb Tablet Landing April 24 for $449.99  http://t.co/XS0qWUm
    1. In response to: http://bit.ly/gpSEnQ and http://bit.ly/g1Q4V9
  3. New Tracking System Can Pin Any Internet User’s Location to Within a Few Hundred Meters: http://bit.ly/dTqT1i
  4. Dish Network Buys Used Blockbuster At Auction, What Happens Next? – http://bit.ly/dQ2Wjv
  5. Ha ha, Kevlar’s fucked: http://bit.ly/fznP8B Bullshit I am. I know how to get warranty replacements.
  6. Convofy
  7. Looks like I’m the last of the 1-year-contract breed on Verizon: http://t.co/8YfphwB
  8. Minecraft has $33 million in the bank. If only you had capitalized on your cardboard box porn idea: http://t.co/Vhwbln9
  9. FCC votes against AT&T and Verizon, wants easy and affordable data roaming for all: http://bit.ly/gvBFz5
  10. Porn detection USB stick: http://t.co/kRH0VYy
  11. YouTube Live Comments make Regular Youtube comments looks like New Testatment http://bit.ly/JWlive
  12. Why? Just why? Do we really need keyboard addons for an iPad? http://t.co/azWDiAT
  13. U.S. Navy is testing out Death Star laser: http://bit.ly/ewFCum
    1. hahaha, the bitly link says Ew Cum in it — friggin childish

WTF News

  1. Florida again… Cops have never had to deal with a naked man attacking a robot before. http://bit.ly/fWUNE1 Somehow I feel that in Florida that’s not entirely accurate.
  2. I give my girl, 8, Botox for pageant – http://t.co/AgolmUh
    1. In related news, woman spends over $100k across 50+ cosmetic surgery procedures: http://t.co/Xp4zEjM
  3. Miley Cyrus sex doll sells out in less than 2 days: http://bit.ly/hyTY7c
  4. Maine legalizing switchblades for one-armed people: http://t.co/EvZFM6A
  5. Mom Goes to Court to Support Son’s $60-a-week ‘McDonald’s Habit’ http://t.co/qebxxJp
  6. Now nature is just being unfair. Man does field work, gets bitten by a mosquito, goes home and has sex with his wife. Congratulations! First recorded mosquito caused STD. Opens questions about certain dangerous things of both the sexual and nonsexual like AIDS and Ebola. Should we all be scared? http://bit.ly/g3OvHt #createpanic
  7. Tom Hanks Toddler’s and Tiaras Spoof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPLWKBWkn3s

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