Alppac: the renewable energy backpack concept

Innovative design doesn’t necessarily have to mean reinventing the wheel. The best kind of innovation is the practical kind, and designer Joel Lim conjured up a backpack design for the 21st century. Battery life for our gadgets isn’t anything to brag about these days, especially if you own an Android phone. If you’re on the go and don’t have access to a computer or a wall outlet you will find your battery life on your cell phone, iPod, or other small gadget to be drained by the end of the day. Ideal for hiking, camping, or just long days away from the office or home, the Alppac uses movement from walking to pull a load plate down a suspension spring. As the load plate moves down, a rack and pinion gear triggers a generator that produces electricity that is then sent to a battery mack in a separate compartment at the base of the backpack. Simply put your gadget in the compartment and it charges wirelessly via a charging pad on top of the battery pack. The full size Alppac also features some hiking features such as a first aid kit compartment as well. If you don’t need the full bulky backpack, you can always downsize it to the lighter and more compact “day pack.” Of course, the Alppac is not available for purchase as it is only a design concept, however something as practical as a charging compartment that works with renewable energy is definitely something that many of us would like to see implemented in future production backpacks. Hit the source link for the full gallery of concept pictures.

Source: Yanko Design

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