WP7 hacked to fix slow resume

Jaxbot, a WP7 independent developer (aka “hacker”) has fiddled with his Windows Phone 7 registry until he got an instant resume on apps from the lock screen.

The setting – “DehydrateOnPause” – messes with the whole dehydrate/rehydrate pause style of WP7 apps behind the lock screen. Certain apps, like games, do not run behind the lock screen. When you unlock the phone, it takes a few seconds, up to 10, to start the program from where you left off. This changes that.

Of course, this introduces some instability in the phone (that’s why they have these settings, dumbass) so don’t go dicking with stuff willy-nilly. Also, you’ll need a developer phone, which gives more access than your typical store-bought device. It appears that this is kind of a half step towards unofficial mutlitasking, which is slated for later this year.

For a video of the new hotness (which gives me a raging semi) hit the YouTube Source link below.

Sources: Engadget, YouTube

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