Verifone said to include NFC in all new payment systems

It seems NFC will have its day sooner rather than later. Near Field Communication, which has recently been getting a boost from rumors of Apple interest in the technology, has just gotten a huge boost from Verifone which has decided it will build the capability into every new POS device it manufactures. Verifone is a retail point of sale giant responsible for a lot of those devices used to swipe your credit cards. The current hold up/fear is that left to their devices, retailers will avoid swallowing the cost of the roll out so Verifone is taking matter into their own hands and building the capability into new devices. According to CEO Douglas G Bergeron:

“The retail point of sale represents a point of convergence for smartphone-initiated payments, social networking and electronic couponing, but it won’t happen if retailers are expected, on faith, to absorb the costs of making it work,”

Widespread mobile payments, here we come.

Source: Near Field Communications World

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