Got retinitis pigmentosa? You might be in luck!

Well, if you do have retinitis pigmentosa you’re probably not able to read this, but perhaps you, dear reader, know someone that does suffer from this degenerative retina disease. The Argus II, a type of “bionic eye,” has been approved for use in Europe and has shown promising results for people who suffer from blindness caused by degeneration of a the retina where photoreceptors are still in tact. The Argus II is developed by Second Sight and uses a chip implant in the eye as well as special glasses equipped with a video camera to send signals to the brain through the optic nerve, allowing patients to see people, recognize objects, and detect movement. The device is also quite stylish unlike certain other optical devices and is expected to get FDA approval here in the U.S in 2012. The Argus II is available in the U.K., Switzerland, and France and a competing product from Retina Implant AG is expected to complete its trials soon as well. Video of the device after the break.

Source: Fast Company

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