RIM Partnering with 7digital to bring 13 Million Song Store To The Playbook

Thinking about getting a Playbook, but worried you won’t be able to buy enough songs on it? Fear no more.

RIM has announced that it is partnering with 7digital to bring a 13 million song catalog when the Playbook launches. (rumored to be April 10) The prices should be on par with what they currently charge at 7digital which is around the same as most online music stores.

This could really help the tablet fill a multimedia void that RIM needs to compete with the iPad. It already has some pretty sold specs. It’s packing a powerful Cortex-A9 dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM. Putting this with rumors that Playbook will be able to run Android apps this could make it some pretty stiff competition in the tablet market.

The appeal of them partnering with 7digital is that unlike some of it’s peers–iTunes and the Zune Marketplace–7digital songs and albums are DRM-free, and are easily transferred from device to device, which is a big plus in my book. Also with a 13 million song selection from such record labels as EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner users should have no problem finding the songs they desire.

I’m really looking forward to this tablet, even though I’m breaking the rule about getting excited before second gen. I just think it has some solid specs and some pretty sweet offerings in a nice 7 inch form factor, and having 13 million songs at my fingertips helps.

Source: Digital Trends

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