Review: Weatherbug for WP7

Available from the App Marketplace.
Written review after the jump:

Cost: Free – Ad supported

Live Tile: Yes. Doesn’t match your color scheme.

Background Update: Yes. You choose the interval.

Push Notifications: Yes, but only retrieves them at set intervals greater than 20 minutes, so not really. As you see, I get a weather alert text about a TORNADO WARNING during the review, but the WeatherBug app gives me the notification 20 minutes later.

Pros: It has a live tile, and push notifications. It works well with the Maps app to overlay the radar images. It has varying levels of detail for the weather. It also accesses cameras from around your location so you can see the weather.

Cons: Live tile is fugly. The background color doesn’t match any color available in the scheme choices, which isn’t for lack of choices. The color is just blech. The Push Notifications are not true push notifications, as they’re not instant. All they are is a notification when the app pulls down a severe weather alert.

Get it? No. Use the Weather Channel App instead, and sign up for severe weather alerts to be texted to you.

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