Noisestash Roundup, I’ll clear your mind of Rebecca Black edition

Gags may be taken the wrong way by police officers

Before we go any further, I must clear your mind of all knowledge of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. Just relax and let Mentok dig it out. Roundup after the jump.

Microsoft is blowing minds, creating 3D models with cell phones. Peep it

We get to peek in at 4chan founder’s new project, The social possibilities for child porn will be endless

Gizmodo goes chasing after vapors

Ford is riding AT&T like a bronco, into the cloud

If Kyocera has its way, your phone will be able to emulate the dark depthless abyss that is the excruciating cavern of lament called your heart… you emo bastard

The thing about the undead is that they never die (or at least died once). That’s why there will eventually be more Resident Evil games than Final Fantasy (You use the word Final in each game title… I do not think that word means what you think that it means).

NO, REALLY? Microsoft doing things to make itself look better? Say it ain’t so…

Awww, poor little AT&T won’t get a fair airing in its buyout of T-Mobile. The powers that be seem to have a crazy idea that it’s a bad idea. Of course, this could all be part of the plan

According to Lifehacker, the only secure password is the one you can’t remember… uh… I’m not sure… um… okay… I’ll bite.

Mouse sperm successfully grown in lab… Feminists around the world rejoice, men deemed unnecessary

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! I’m turning my back on Oxford English dictionary now that OMG, FYI and LOL are real words now. OMG we should just kill them all, LOL. And FYI tots j/k.

Lest ye forget, evolution is war, and far more entertaining than your human clashes

GeoHot oh GeoHot, where for art thou GeoHot… oh, vacation? Not on the lam? Carry on then

Android apps on RIM gear? I wish I cared, but I stopped buying RIM gear years ago

We can rebuild him… maybe… he’s kinda badly damaged, but gosh darn it we’ll try

Shocking and completely unpredicted news out of Gearbox. Duke Nukem Forever will be forever delayed. Seriously, you idiots are still waiting for this?

Motorola? Its own OS? *sigh*

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