Noisestash Roundup: Beards and Clouds

Good evening ladies and germs. Pappy isn’t here to coddle you tonight, so sit down and click those links.

As you know, we’ve got more than just the tip into Survival Week(ish) and today one Mr Lima has given us pointers to surviving the Vampire Apocalypse. Grab your stakes and glitter resistant clothing. But before we get into the meat and potatoes of tonights roundup, I suggest you watch this PSA about your father and his beard (or lack thereof)

Sony Ericsson plans to release the bootlocker for their new Xperia phones. Yes, Sony – king of bad ideas – is doing this.

Eventually, we will all switch over to Apple Mean Time so this isn’t an issue anymore.

A new service claims to be able to differentiate real news from bullcrap (#RIPTupac) trends on Twitter by the methods of sharing.

Is Enrique Iglesias dropping out of Britney Spears’ tour? (Trying to gain a bigger audience here, folks)

Another video app review by the ever sexy me.

Less than 1% of Twitter users  produce over half of the site’s content. They’re not all spambots.

Wanna be a tester for Microsoft? They’re giving away stuff! Submit yourself to me, as well as this link.

First photos of Mercury’s surface are now available. Pluto is still undergoing therapy for depression. (Can’t see the content? Check this out: Hacking NYT Paywall)

Everyone has their own take on Amazon’s Cloud Drive. (Psst: So do we!)

Crazy flying robots playing tennis with each other, and by themselves.

Mel Gibson is in a movie where he has a beaver puppet as a prescription. Mr Gibson reports that he was unaware he was being filmed.

That’s what’s up. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for more survival tips!

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