Motorola Xoom To Get Flash Next Week

The Motorola Xoom is already a pretty sweet tablet, and despite being overpriced I think it is a serious competition for the iPad. And now it’s about to get even better. Adobe said that it’s Flash will finally be ready for it on March 18.

Adobe who has been working with Google to get Flash 10.2 to Android 3.0 since in launch. Says it will finally be ready just in time for Google’s first update for Honeycomb (3.0.1) This Flash will be able to fully use the Xoom’s dual core processors.

This will definitely be something to add to the list of things (4G, Bigger screen, Better screen resolution, etc.) that Motorola’s Xoom can hang over the more popular’s iPad’s head. Where Apple for some reason is still believing that HTML 5 will suddenly pop up and take over the Web and negate the need for Flash video.

An important note from for those who may have rooted your Xoom you’ll need to relock it and restore the original software in order to receive the update. Motorola is offering a tool to help you do that here.

Sources: Fortune, ComputerWorld

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  1. Word still pending on whether the Xoom will stop sucking by crashing and start being awesome.

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