Episode 24 of the podcast “Whip it out”

The noisecast returns with episode 24, “Whip it out!” Where we make a joke in one line of an hour long episode and misleadingly use it as the title of the episode. We are link whores who do this for the attention. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @noisecast. Apparently Myspace has lost 10 million users and I’m shocked… I mean… Myspace still had 10 million users? Even Tom left (I think I’m friends with him on facebook). Give it a listen here and show notes after the jump.

Episode 24 Topic List
Date: 3/27/2011; Time: 8EST
Roster: Steven, Gonzo, Kevlace, Caroline, Vitto, Ben

  1. Ebook sales in the US double year-on-year, paper books suffer double-digit losses. Good bad, how do you feel? Don’t give me that “I love the smell of books nonsense. if you’re smelling books instead of reading them, you’re doing it wrong. Why worship the medium and ignore the message?:  http://engt.co/gfQZsm
  2. Kevlar, how does he stay so sexy? (hint: his abs are just kevlar) I AM KEVLAR AND I SUPPORT THIS MESSAGE
  3. CAROLINE FINALLY GOT AN IPHONE OMAHGAH (we actually do not have to discuss this, but it will probably come up knowing me)
  4. App stores thinking about pulling DUI Apps — Congress involved http://t.co/58vn5K7
  5. What’s in store for Google when Larry Page takes over? http://t.co/13ig05y
  6. Any thoughts on Firefox 4? Here’s the latest benchmarks for IE vs Chrome vs FF: http://t.co/7CYGF9y
  7. Tiny Wings review?
  8. Does it almost feel like we talk less and less about tech these days? LOL. I love it!
  9. Has the internet foiled 4chans attempt an a Forever Alone flashmob? I’ve seen several stories about this http://bit.ly/fAS8ej http://bit.ly/guJefP http://gizmo.do/hz1s7w
  10. Don’t fuck with Gonzo (via http://bit.ly/gTpodh ):
  1. Microsoft disables HTTPS in over a dozen countries, like Bahrain, Iran etc. http://bit.ly/hjeRvJ
  2. Zediva May Not Be So Legal After All – http://bit.ly/gZBY9V
  3. iOS 5 Likely Pushed To The Fall After A Cloud Unveiling At WWDC http://t.co/FXDuJpo
  4. Amazon.com lets you play with an Android virtual machine, try apps before you buy them http://t.co/OIHJxNm
  5. Google’s social strategy may finally be creeping up, but no one is sure. Looks intriguing though: http://tcrn.ch/hIdnFM

WTF Stories

  1. WTF story, court date like a boss: http://bo.st/ha3b8D
  2. WTF news: semi-famous bitch tells 6 year old cancer patient to get fucked because she’s got a book to pRomote – http://t.co/REE8HU7
  3. LOL is going to be in the Dictionary WTF http://t.co/umRN8iM
  4. Why was he masturbating here? http://t.co/AhGStgd
  5. Latest conspiracy theory: HAARP caused Japanese earthquake, nuclear bomb http://exm.nr/i7FB0z
  6. America! Defecating dog sparks US shootout: http://bbc.in/fGwZr7
  7. Terrorist squirrel attacks Vermont neighborhood: http://t.co/CUbvYvp
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