Dumb Ideas: Cell Phone Sleeping Bags

What a dumb idea
A Crown Royal bag would look better

In case you missed the National Day of Unplugging, which I did, you might be entertained by this severely stupid idea: A sleeping bag to signify putting your phone to sleep. The non-profit groupReboot, a New York based company, came up with the idea to hand out  “Sleeping Bags” to remind people that their phone is supposed to be unplugged.

Besides the fact that it looks more like a cheap canvas sack than a sleeping bag, I approve of the idea of a day of unplugged-ness. The one thing that gets me really worked up is technology, whether it be slow computers, idiots on the internet, or the fact that BulletStorm refuses to connect to games even though I have no connection issues in any other game.  Usually on days like that, I leave my cell phone at home in my backpack and take a nice bike ride around the city. In the spirit of being tech free, I do tend to ignore stoplights.

Source: WSJ

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