A Peek Under The Veil

Dear Mark Anderson, please don't sue us because we are broke. I did a Google search and this was the funniest one.
Actual staff meeting transcript

As some of you may know already we are all just a bunch of goofy bastards that happen to have a love of tech and gadgetry. What you probably don’t know (until now, of course) is that we have a Super Secret Squirrel group on Facebook where we get together to share ideas for the upcoming show, discuss possible website changes/upgrades, and dream wistfully about what we are going to do with our share of the bajillions of dollars that The Noisecast won’t ever make. That was the original idea behind the group, but what usually happens is random outbursts of ridiculousness. I think most companies would refer to this process as a “Staff Meeting”.

Yes, this happens a lot.

If this turns out to be a somewhat popular, we might even think about making this a weekly thing. Just once a week I’ll go through and snap a screenie of one of our Staff Meetings just to give you a little glimpse into the minds behind the madness.

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