Will Windows 8 feature a tile-based UI like Windows Phone 7?

First and foremost let me say that this is 100% rumor and nobody knows anything about Windows 8 except those who are working on it internally at Microsoft. But Paul Thurrott isn’t some out of the mill Windows fanboy. He’s the Walter Mossberg equivalent of Microsoft and is well renown for his access to early betas and leaks from Microsoft. Perhaps his blind fanboism for Microsoft has partly to do with this, but I digress.

When Paul says he heard something from an inside source, then you can bet that it holds some weight. In a recent article on his website the following paragraph was written by Paul:

Windows 8 will include a new tile-based user interface that’s codenamed Mosh. Assuming this is true, I have to believe that this UI will be an alternative UI, and not a full replacement, or will appear only on low-end tablet-like devices aimed at the iPad. It sounds like something that will silence the critics who want the Windows Phone OS on a tablet.

Now remember, nothing is confirmed and things change quite rapidly in the alpha stage of software development. Though this may be true today, it may be scrapped a month down the line. Thurott assures that a Windows 8 private beta will be hitting come Fall 2011. Paul re-iterates this a few weeks later at an article on WindowsITPro and has more to say in that article as well as some thoughts on WP7, Windows Server, and mandatory iPhone bashing so if you want to read more, hit the link above.

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