The masses have spoken

Recently we had asked you to vote on whether or not to meta-liveblog the Apple event on March 2. The voting race was actually surprisingly a head-to-head race, with the split being pretty even down the middle up until yesterday. However, the votes for “No” took the lead by this morning and sealed the fate of the Noisecast during the liveblog. That’s right, readers and listeners, you voted for us to coax consent out of cheap hookers by getting them drunk enough to skew their moral and business ethics. So enjoy the unveiling of the iPad 2. We’re gonna be busy trying to get into the Guinness book for contracting the most STDs in the shortest amount of time.

4 thoughts on “The masses have spoken”

  1. Actually it was "hookers booze" and the stupid flickr author had disable downloads so I had to do all these weird tricks to steal it.

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