Microsoft Is Taking The Google Approach To Get Apps for WP7

It seems Microsoft is taking cue from Google’s infamous “20 percent time” to get employees to create applications for the Windows Phone 7. Since WP7 is fairly new OS it needs some apps to draw people in and fill it’s marketplace.

They are now saying the will let employees moonlight as app developers in order to get them to create new applications. And here’s the kicker, they will be allowed to keep intellectual property rights as well as 70 percent of the profits. Microsoft is even having weekly pizza parties for those chipping in to write and develop code for WP7. Who wouldn’t want to develop apps for free pizza. I know I would. Especially if it was wallet pizza.

I’d say this is a pretty solid strategy. You get qualified developers who are pretty familiar with the OS making what should be solid apps. And you know that the devs won’t be just half assing it, because if it succeeds then they see the benefits.

Way to go Microsoft.

Source: The New York Times

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