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Oh she’s in on it.

Yup, you read the headline right; we’re doing a shake weight review. You’ve probably seen their slightly NSFW commercial, and enjoyed a few laughs at their expense. I’ve actually been using the shake weight for about a week now, and let me tell you, it’s pretty serious business. Commercial after the jump.

First, a little info on this miraculous little dumbbell. The shake weight made it’s debut in 2009 and instantly became pretty popular because of it’s suggestive commercial visuals. (Dirty minds! All of you!)  It weighs 2.5 pounds and has a built in spring on either end. Opposite to what some may believe, the shake weight is not a battery operated machine; you do all the shaking. It’s based on what they call, Dynamic Inertia, and in just 6 minutes a day, it’s designed to work out your chest, arms, shoulders, and according to their commercial, “the one area we girls have never found a solution for!”

Between work and getting things together for my upcoming wedding, extra time for a work out routine is definitely scarce. Because my wedding gown is strapless, I want to at least be able to show off some nice, toned arms. Lifting weights and doing pushups are not on my most-favorite-things-to-do list, but, I remembered that I still had the shake weight a friend let me borrow a few months back. I found one of their 6-minute training videos on YouTube, and made a life changing decision.

The first work out was a complete wake up call. In a very un-lady like moment that I’m not very proud of, I found myself cussing at the perfectly toned instructor just around the 4 minute mark. In my defense, she was smiling the whole freakin’ time and making it look like a piece of cake! She wasn’t even breaking a sweat! In all seriousness, this thing really made me feel the burn, and fast. Because you’re shaking the weight very rapidly, you’re flexing your muscles, pretty much the entire time. My arms felt like jello by the time I reached the end of the video.

The following day, as expected, my arms were sore. I dreaded the thought of getting home from work and having to go through the workout again. I stretched my arms a bit before starting, and halfway through the workout, I realized that my arms weren’t in as much pain as I was expecting  them to be in.

Shoulder exercise of death

As the week went on, I don’t want to say the exercises became easier, but getting through them was more feasible. Out of the different positions taught in the training video, the shoulder exercise is the one I still can’t get through without bursting a blood vessel in my eye. The act of recovery doesn’t help in easing the burn either, but stretching afterwards is blissfully soothing.

I’m a believer in the shake weight, and I do recommend it if you have a very busy schedule and you’re looking for a really quick, upper body workout.

As for me, I’m going to continue using it, no matter how inappropriate it looks.

And for the boys- Shake Weight for Men!

Warning: website contains duckfaces

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