Episode 20 of the Podcast – Noisecast-Induced Alcohol Poisoning

We’re back with another exciting episode of The Noisecast. This time I’m sorry to say we took a considerable step back in sound quality due to technical difficulties but we had a great time recording and chatting with people in the Ustream as we streamed it live. We also invented a new game… a dangerous game that no human being who wants to live should ever play with alcohol. You will die. Listen for details here or you can give us a listen through the iTunes, Zune or Feedburner links at the top of every page. Topic list after the jump.

Episode 20 Topic List

Date: February 27th, 8pm EST (7:30 prep)

Roster: Steven Callas, Vitto#9, Kevlar Menace, Ron?, Gonzo, Ben (will you fix your mic?!? Steven and Kevlar and I tested something post podcast and they said it sounded a lot better, but if it sounds like shit pre-show, let me know before we start. Cool. I can dig it.)

  1. Regular old ink-jet printers could soon be making replacement human skin: http://on.io9.com/f4GvCq
  2. Umm… Facetime has arrived in the Mac App Store and… it’s not free… http://nyti.ms/f7Hnja
  3. WP7 first CDMA handsets showing up, with Sprint being the first port of harbor: http://nyti.ms/eRAYpL
  4. As expected, in the increasingly worst kept secret column that Apple is occupying, the refreshed Macbook line. Details and prices: http://nyti.ms/dNIsaB
  5. Could youtube stream live NHL and NBA games? http://nyti.ms/f6njw6
  6. What the fuck Samsung? Can you not get updates right? You’re already behind, now this horseshit? http://bit.ly/hAjown Double wtf Samsung?!? Not just Android but WP7 too? You suck. http://bit.ly/hBstaa
  7. Thunderbolt smokes USB, FireWire with 10Gbps throughput http://bit.ly/dJDOTi
  8. The end of Myspace finally? I hope so. http://bit.ly/fZUKCl
    1. MySpace’s relative stability in mobile usage attracts potential buyers http://bit.ly/fMcQIn
  9. Facebooks suspends “Break-up Notifier” app, after 3.7 million people sign up for it in 3 days. http://bit.ly/ez7mQy
    1. Comes back as Crush Notifier: http://t.co/mSnVlPk
  10. OnLive is giving away a console if you buy a game. The game itself looks interesting, and a free OnLive console might actually make it worth a purchase. http://bit.ly/gz9K9D
  11. Free Kindle This November? http://bit.ly/gugtFA
  12. Facebook Writes Its Privacy Policy in a Language Humans Can Read http://t.co/yVB3vK7
  13. Google Algorithm Change Targets Content Farms http://bit.ly/eKjjtx
  14. Should these assholes STFU already? http://tinyurl.com/6yf6hg7
  15. Would Android apps on BlackBerry be a smart move for RIM? http://t.co/NdrbIvw
  16. Facebook Valuation Back At A Cool $70 Billion On SecondMarket http://t.co/P0gWkQz
  17. Are passwords enough? Gmail adds number verification http://slate.me/ihj6u5
  18. Baby Mistakenly Locked In Bank Vault – http://t.co/rNkRZvI
  19. Darpa’s Cheetah-Bot Designed to Chase Human Prey http://t.co/iAnlihp
  20. A free to play MMO designed like a classic 8-bit RPG. NEStaliga – http://bit.ly/dRnoMn
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