Kno Tablets (allegedly) To Ship By April 14th

The Kno tablet has been delayed 3 times at this point, underscoring the point TechCrunch’s John Biggs point that Tablets just seem incapable of shipping. For Kno’s part it’s been upfront about delays, just not the reason for them, but the company is now saying that pre-orders will experience up to two months’ delay and not all of them will ship. eBookNewser reports that shipments might be delayed until as late as April 14th and that the first shipment will be restricted.  Kno still hasn’t provided a reason for the delays. Speculation is that there is a shortage and possibly some redesign/reengineering work going on because the website has shut people out and requires an invitation. This pull back mixed with the delays doesn’t bode well but with no official word, it’s all just speculation.

Via [eBookNewser]

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