HP TouchPad On Sale in April

According to Digitimes, HP’s WebOS 3.0 based TouchPad slate will beginning selling in April, with shipments to start delivery by th end of March. This is according to HPs upstream component partners. From Digitimes:

“The sources pointed out that HP internally is aiming to ship 45-48 million notebooks and tablet PCs combined in 2011. After deducting the volume of HP’s notebook shipment forecast, HP’s TouchPad series product shipments in 2011 are forecasted to be around 4-5 million units.”

Digitimes notes that since HP adopted a 4:3 aspect ratio rather than Android’s 16:10 design requirement, if HP fails to make WebOS stick, they will have serious difficulty regaining their footing (presumably by becoming a pure tablet hardware manufacturer and carrying Android). There are a number of very silly problems with this assertion, but I’ll leave it at that.

Source: digitimes

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