Episode 19 of the podcast – Reincarnation Permits

So, we have another week and another episode. This one is called Reincarnation Permits and references topic number 21. China bans reincarnation without a permit. Obviously an attempt to silence the issues in Tibet by taking control over who becomes the next Dalai Lama and will likely create a situation where there are two opposing Dalai Lamas in the future, one under Chinese government control. This is assuming the current holiness doesn’t decide there can be no new Dalai Lamas, a pronouncement he is apparently able to make. So this is all very interesting and deeply political maneuvers, but the premise itself is hilarious.

We also streamed this episode live for the first time and will start doing that every week. We had fun with the live feedback (sort of). Cheers. As usual we didn’t get to cover everything. The full topic list after the jump, and you can listen to the latest episode in your feed or here.

Episode 19 Topic List

Date: February 20th. Time: 8pm EST (7:30 prep… since people need a reminder) STreamed live on Ustream

Roster: Steven Callas, Gonzorider, Benguin, Kaiser, Kevlar

Topic List:


  1. NVIDIA calls this quad-core SOC Kal-EL. Clearly it’s the gayest superchip ever, and the Batchip could totally kick its ass, probably with a dual-core: http://engt.co/hVihMw
  2. Here we go again with the words Apple and Disrupt in the same sentence. Apple’s Digital Newsstand: http://tcrn.ch/dNLkaH Time to launch a Noisecast iPad mag? – Callas. One step ahead of you. Introducing the new noisecast browsing app on iOS codenamed ‘skyfire’: http://bit.ly/dTA5MT – Agrippa
  3. Secretary Clinton calls for Global Standards for Internet Use, just… you know… not in the US. Only the places we don’t like. FUUU Iran!: http://on.wsj.com/g0CHLb
  4. Is Amazon gonna have to get up out this car and choke a bitch?: http://bit.ly/fV4wkg
  5. Google “Mr. Me Too, but better” offers publishers a better deal than Apple with One Pass: http://tcrn.ch/g4Xwy7
  6. This week in crazy sh*t old french people said. In 1929, Dr. Lucien Bull of the Marie Institute predicted that people will be able to grow wings and it would replace cars and stairs. F*ck your flying cars, I wanna be a dove!: http://on.io9.com/eQ6z2Y
  7. As usual, Ars Technica with a brilliant rundown of the Anonymous vs HBGary throwdown (massacre) over the wikileaks incidents: http://bit.ly/eiiOuL
  8. In our race to beat Iran in general fuckery, senate extends patriot act bill: http://bit.ly/eisc7b
  9. This puts AT&T’s announcement best, “We are looking at upgrading the service we don’t yet offer for the phones we don’t yet have for the customers we haven’t yet trapped.”: http://engt.co/hkyORD
  10. Engadget put this best. Dell employees arrested for poor decision making skills: http://engt.co/fIxYQm
  11. Droid X2: http://engt.co/glOamT
  12. Shortest coup ever? More like Hoax. Nokia: http://bit.ly/hgvm1Q; http://gizmo.do/hxG447
  13. Oh, me and my friends sometimes like to sit around on a Friday evening watching Fringe and smoking crack socially… err… what? http://bit.ly/e9UubC
  14. Zune and WP7 can finally be synced from a mac: http://bit.ly/f7FHi3
  15. Over the counter paternity tests in New York? The rogue in me says “about damn time!” the human in me that frequently loses faith in humanity says “wtf?” http://nydn.us/gWhVDD
  16. We won’t be seeing any new WP7 Nokia phones until ‘Mango’ update later in the year: http://bit.ly/i52GFz
  17. Take your over-exuberant expectations and suck it. Verizon iPhone sales were lackluster according to exclusive from Boy Genius Reports: http://bit.ly/gKR2En
  18. Apparently, app developers are bullish about the Microsoft Nokia deal. App activity quadrupled in the 4 days after the deal was announced. Understandable since most people neglect the extraordinary might of Nokia (not just in feature phones) outside the US: http://buswk.co/fLKiVa
  19. Sony will ban you for life if you jailbreak your PS3. It’s their prerogative, to be honest, but I wouldn’t put baby in the corner if I were them: http://engt.co/gBLJhF
  20. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=docking
  21. Reincarnation? You’re gonna need a form for that… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2007/08/22/china-bans-reincarnation-_n_61444.html?ref=fb&src=sp
  22. Ben reviews… something. I forgot what. Oh, that’s right. Square credit card reader. http://www.squareup.com Get money, get paid son.
  23. Twitter pulls a dick move to promote its sub-par app: http://t.co/gJQjssX
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