Free WP7 Game Roundup: 2/22/11

Ahoy, I hear you like free games. Here are three that don’t totally suck. Details after the break.

Colorsprouts: It’s less of a game and more of a coloring book. You get to choose from some doodle outlines, then you can use a painbrush, spray paint can or paint jug to fill in the blanks. You aren’t limited to just color! You can also use gradients and textures with the paint can. Of course, it’s really basic, but you can save your “art” to print later and put on your mom’s fridge.

Go you!

Verdict: Meh. Sure. It’s free. Good for kids, I suppose.

Gravity: This is a physics based game where you shoot an alien that looks strangely odd to the one’s in Toy Story around planets, into wormholes. You try to collect stars as you go, and you use the planets gravity to slingshot you around to your destination.

Verdict: It’s fun for about 5 minutes at a time. Try it, keep it if you want (I didn’t)

Table Tiles This game is brought to you by the same guys who brought you Word Tangle, which I reviewed earlier. This game is essentially Scrabble with a slightly different game board. The dictionary is good, and you can play against another person or the computer at 4 different difficulties. Since I suck at word games, I just kick it on Easy or Medium. However, I can (and have) played this game for an hour or so at a time. Not only do the games last a while, but it’s just fun.

Verdict: If you can spell, get this game.

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