Failure. You Kno(w) What I Mean

We reported earlier on the delays and then the allegedly new official launch date of the Kno Tablet. I state at the end that with the delays and the mystery surrounding everything there was likely trouble in paradise. Well it now seems I was right. All Things D’s Kara Swisher is reporting that Kno is investigating the possibility of selling off its hardware business and focusing on software offerings. Sources claim that it was the “quicker than expected” move into tablets by large electronics makers has made the environment tougher for them. Kno is allegedly already in talks with a pair of companies to sell the hardware segment. Kno for its part will be focusing its efforts on producing for the iPad and Android devices since it already has textbook distribution partnerships.

What I want to know is, what “quicker than expected” move into tablets? Tablets had been the topic of discussion for a year before the iPad came out and now there are really only 2 released tablets worth talking about and a few more many months away. The field is still wide open, unless of course, you have such ridiculously deranged prices for your devices. I was never a fan of the Kno hardware. It seemed too big and possibly too heavy, but I was excited for the software. In that respect, I lose nothing by this. But this is still disappointing. I’m getting used to the disappointment. Good riddance to ill-conceived nonsense.

Via [All Things D]

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