Facebook now selectively filters your News Feed

For whatever reason Facebook apparently thinks it know exactly whose you want to see in your News Feed. Using a groundbreaking new algorithm Facebook is able to determine which friends you interact with most on Facebook, and then filter out all of your other friends from showing up in your News Feed. So if at your recent family reunion you were wondering why your recently engaged third cousin was giving you the cold shoulder, it is probably because she announced her engagement on Facebook and your douchebag face never congratulated her on it because you never saw it because Facebook decided that you and your third cousin don’t interact enough on Facebook and therefore her relationship change from single to engaged was not worthy of showing up in your News Feed. However, if you do have so many Facebook friends that Facebook has to selectively filter out those you interact with the least, then odds are you don’t really have that many friends and you should delete a whole chunk of them cause in all reality you couldn’t give two fucks if they get offended or not. Odds are they won’t even notice because its some jackass you met once at a party while you were half-sober at 3am on a Friday night and his lobster-tanned shirtless profile pic just creeps you out more than anything whenever you see it on occasion in your News Feed. So just fucking delete all of those “friends” who aren’t really your friends and this new Facebook feature would be considered a moot point. However, if you really think it necessary to have 600+ people on your friends list then you can disable the filter. It’s two easy steps as demoed in this screenshot:

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