Ancient Brits were cannibals, drank from skulls

Badass people usually do badass things, like Duke Nukem shitting down an alien’s neck or Conan laughing himself unconscious, but few people have had the pleasure of being badass enough to drink out of human skulls. Researchers at the Natural History Museum in London have discovered human bone remains in southern England that date back 15,000 years and show evidence that the bodies were eaten by other humans and the skulls were fashioned into drinking cups. Of course, the skulls could have been used to store substances for rituals but skulls being used as drinking vessels is a common recurrence among tribal cultures throughout history. The researchers describe how the bones underwent a very painstaking and arduous process of being carefully cleaned and smoothed by the ancient Brits so that they could serve their purposes. This could also be the discovery of the world’s oldest pimp chalice.

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