Acer reveals first commercially-available Chrome OS device

Still bitter about that CR-48 that got shipped to your zip code but not to your doorstep? Well here’s your chance to get your grubby paws on all that Chrome OS goodness! Acer beat everyone to the punch by revealing the world’s first Chrome OS powered device, the Acer DX241H. At first glance it looks like nothing more than a desktop monitor, but a closer look reveals that this is an All-in-One PC. Powered by an ARM Cortex-A8 it has built in WiFi, USB, Ethernet, and 1080p HDMI capabilities. Currently the device has only been announced in Germany where it will be available for €299 (about $400). More details are expected to be revealed at Germany’s CeBIT trade show which takes place next week. You can check out the full release here if you know how to read German.

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