What’s wrong with us?

I had a bit of a revelation last week while rumors were circulating about a possible Verizon iPhone. It seemed like the entire Internet was abuzz with the speculation that the much adored iPhone would finally have a much adored Verizon network behind it. Admittedly, while I would never switch back to Verizon, I was curious to see where the big announcement would take us. Finally AT&T would have competition in the iPhone market and we’d be able to see if even the giant Verizon could stand up to the iPhone’s network demands.

So the day finally came around for the big announcement and like everyone predicted, the Verizon-iPhone dream had finally come true. The two most recognized names in the mobile phone industry today, had finally merged… and no one was happy.

It truly boggles my mind how we- an entire world of blogging idiots- could be so caught up in these fantastical rumors of grandeur and then as soon as it becomes a reality, find a million reasons why we should hate it.

… but the iPhone won’t be LTE.
You can’t Surf & Talk, psshhh whatever!
What of the antenna?
Verizon’s network will collapse under the influx of iPhone users, duh!
It’s not the iPhone 5?!

These are a few of the louder arguments being made by people who are never happy with anything. We all expect everything to be perfect and the second it isn’t we lose our god damn minds and complain to every blog-O-status-tweeting outlet that will hear us. It all reminded me of a Louis CK bit that he did on Conan awhile ago:

Louis CK said it best: Everything is Amazing, and Nobody is happy. Now that we know the problem, can we work on it a bit? Please?

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