Two Teens Share Single Four Loko. Die.

The bodies of two teenagers were found in a vacant Huntington Beach apartment along with an empty can of the infamous energy-booze Four Loko. Cue media frenzy.

Oh, there were drugs too. But nevermind those. Let’s talk about the Four Loko.

Investigators believe the deaths were the result of an accidental overdose, as there was no indication of trauma or weapons involved. Reports of “partying too hard” are unconfirmed. By the way, did we mention Four Loko?

“[Police] did not specify the drug evidence found because it could interfere with the investigation.,” says the LA Times. But they sure as hell made sure everyone knew Four Loko was involved.

You know how every time some nutjob decides to shoot some people and they find out he played video games? Yeah, it’s kinda like that. The fact that they drank one Four Loko is entirely inconsequential, but it makes headlines. It’s almost too bad the kids weren’t iPhone users; we could have worked a Verizon angle in here too. Remove Four Loko from the equation and does anyone care? No. Teens die all the time. It’s hardly worth mentioning. But name-drop some recent controversy and suddenly it’s a story.

“Blogger driven insane by sensational journalism. Four Loko to blame.”

[source: LA Times]

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