Episode 16 of the Podcast – Who Gives A Schmidt? – Show Notes

Episode 16 Topic List

Date: Friday 21st 8EST

Roster: Steven Callas, Gonzopooper, Kaiser, Ron and Agrippa. This episode was recorded earlier than usual because Steven would have been traveling to Greece during our regular recording. This being the age of the Geek, he will likely be on the podcast from Greece in the following episodes though he is gone for 2 weeks. Our topics were lighter on the news this week and we get to talk, as usual, as if we know what the h-e-(double hockey sticks) we are talking about… gosh darn it. Give the episode a Listen.

  1. And this is why we can’t have nice things. http://bit.ly/h1SXAZ
  2. Obvious research is obvious. http://bit.ly/giHxY4
  3. A story from Gonzo’s neck of the woods about the AT&T iPad hacker. http://bit.ly/gHdWXr
  4. Do you think Portal belongs on Consoles? http://bit.ly/dYW0VW
  5. I (Ron) only want to talk about preparations for Dead Space 2. Its all I can think about.
  6. Twitter being sued for… oh hell just read this: “Now, some company called VS Technologies is suing Twitter, alleging that it infringes on a patent of theirs, entitled “Method and system for creating an interactive virtual community of famous people”. For real? For real.” http://tcrn.ch/i0meT3
  7. Google has announced that page will be taking over as CEO from Schmidt. Schmidt will be executive Chairman, Brin will remain “co-founder” and Page takes over day to day: http://tcrn.ch/i4qC8w
  8. Is Youtube bad for music? http://bit.ly/ewQHC0
  9. Don’t think about dinner, let a computer do it for you. http://bit.ly/f0Ndce
  10. Thoughts on first Verizon iPhone commercial: http://t.co/MWYyr9n
  11. Thoughts on possible new Apple CEO Tim Cook: http://t.co/VDVM4LO
  12. Android powered T-Mobile Sidekick? WTF? http://t.co/003vCOr
  13. Anne Hathaway will be Catwoman in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ http://lat.ms/fobuhj
  14. Thoughts on Nintendo 3DS http://t.co/yHSQY1t
  15. The Brutal Work Conditions At The Cheezburger Network (Taiwanese News Agency Video) http://t.co/DMgyMfW
  16. Burglers mistake dead man’s ashes for cocaine: http://t.co/2nhlNES
  17. Clearing snow like champ http://gizmo.do/ftZJSB
  18. Crazy contraband: Photo gallery of weird confiscated stuff: http://bit.ly/dSmSSQ
  19. Motorola i886 clones android to make it look like a dumbphone, but doesn’t: http://engt.co/gvWZ8L
  20. Why is bane an awesome villain for The new Batman movie: http://on.io9.com/ek9D2

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