Noisecast Roundup, 4-8-2011

Another day another roundup. The final roundup of the week, this one is short. First off, I just want to point your attention to Worldreader. Call me sentimental but i approve this message. The Worldreader nonprofit is a brilliant and commendable movement bringing to life my fondest hopes and dreams for the digital revolution. Democratize learning.

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Remember that WP7 update tool? Whoops.

According to Chris Walsh, the dude who released the hack way to update your WP7 phone that the carriers had been ignoring, that hack can possibly prevent your phone from being updated in the future. Apparently, he used an “Undocumented API” to force the updates to the phones. I am unsure if that means he found a hole in the system or that Microsoft, the … Continue reading Remember that WP7 update tool? Whoops.

Wp7 NoDo Update Rundown

So that Early March update we talked about? Yeah, AT&T must have lost mine in the mail. So I did one better: I found Chris Walsh’s exploit for Windows Phone Support Tools, found a copy of his ChevronWP7.Updater.exe console application and followed the simple instructions. The result? A little bit of awesome for my HTC Surround.

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Wondering where that WP7 “Early March” Update is?

Yeah, Microsoft has said that they’ve planned on releasing their “NoDo” updates. They gave you “Early March” as the release date. They forgot to tell you that they’re not releasing it to you, but to your carriers. According to an update on the Windows Phone Team Blog, they’ve already gotten the update out to your carriers. The carriers now get to take it and test … Continue reading Wondering where that WP7 “Early March” Update is?