Yahoo set to buy Tumblr for $1.1B; Mayer promises “not to screw it up”

It’s not every day that one of Web 1.0’s largest players buys up another company in an all cash deal, but with one looping .GIF, Yahoo announced that its board had given the okay to buy up Tumblr for $1.1 billion. Cash. For those of you keeping score at home, that figure is roughly a fifth of Yahoo’s total available cash! To compliment the GIF, … Continue reading Yahoo set to buy Tumblr for $1.1B; Mayer promises “not to screw it up”

Google Buys Zagat, Adds Restaurant Reviews To Their Restaurant Reviews

If you can’t beat them, hire them! Google just announced via their blog that they will be acquiring Zagat, best known for being Yelp restaurant reviews and discovery. They’re also known for using way too many unnecessary and confusing quotation marks in their blurb on the subject. But! Hey! This is great news! Google is no stranger to the world of restaurant reviews. Google Places, … Continue reading Google Buys Zagat, Adds Restaurant Reviews To Their Restaurant Reviews

Microsoft just pulled an Apple

Microsoft just snatched up Skype for $8.5 bajillion billion dollars and boy is everyone going crazy about it! Many are saying that Microsoft overpaid for this acquisition but you have to keep in mind that Skype was pretty much guaranteed to file for an IPO this year. Microsoft had to pony up the cash to not only convince Skype to join its camp, but to offset the profits cash that would be lost if Skype had gone forward with its IPO filing. Personally I’m wary of this deal because Microsoft has a terrible acquisition track record. The majority of the biggest acquisitions it has made have ended up going nowhere or ditched in favor of an internal Microsoft product (Danger, aQuantive, Great Plains, WebTV, and Hotmail easily come to mind).

However we’ve recently seen a change in direction for Microsoft. It’s coming out hard and coming out swinging by spending cash on everything it can. From search to Windows Phone and ARM optimization to the cloud. It’s finally hit home at Redmond that the post-PC world is on its way. Granted the PC won’t ever die, but Microsoft realizes that it can no longer depend solely on Windows as its primary revenue source. The Skype acquisition may be Microsoft’s shrewdest move yet, taking a page straight out of the Book of Apple. Continue reading “Microsoft just pulled an Apple”

Twitter supposedly buys TweetDeck for $40-$50 million

Michael Arrington over at TechCrunch just broke news that Twitter has bought TweetDeck for somewhere between $40 and $50 million. Back in February TweetDeck was in talks to be swallowed up by UberMedia for $20-$30 million, which would have made UberMedia the dominant Tweet market share holder by a landslide. Twitter had no other choice but to pony up big bucks for TweetDeck. The unsettling … Continue reading Twitter supposedly buys TweetDeck for $40-$50 million

And Now There’s Three: How to fix the looming threat of telecom monopolies

When AT&T announced that they intended on buying out T-Mobile, the internet was ablaze with endless rhetoric about how AT&T has effectively killed competition in the mobile market place. Last week, House Republicans voted against the FCC’s Net Neutrality Regulations, further making what comes next look worse than Agrippa’s dream.

AT&T claims that the acquisition of T-Mobile is a win-win for all customers; it will increase coverage for existing customers, be able to roll out 4G LTE coverage for 95% of Americans, and, according to CEO Randall Stephenson they’ll even help President Obama reach his dream goal of a wirelessly connected America (someone quickly check how snakeoil is trading). Continue reading “And Now There’s Three: How to fix the looming threat of telecom monopolies”

Sprint in Talks to Acquire T-Mobile

Here we go again. The rumor mill is churning once again about a possible Sprint – T-Mobile merger as Bloomberg reports that Sprint and Deutsche Telekom have begun discussing offloading the US holdings. The terms of the deal seem to be that Sprint will purchase T-Mobile from Deutsche Telekom by giving Deutsche, Sprint ownership (possibly as much as 50%). This to me sounds more like Deutsche is buying a large stake in Sprint by using T-Mobile assets rather than cash. Continue reading “Sprint in Talks to Acquire T-Mobile”