The Six SciFi Shows You Should Be Watching

Here we are, 2014, and before us lies a growing ocean of programming sources and, in that ocean, a multitude of options desperately trying to fill your needs and those of every one of your neighbors as well. Weaving through these vast schools of ‘reality’ shows and cop dramas, are rare creatures, well written and produced creations that deserve our respect and our time.
One of the rarest genres of all is SciFi, but there are shows out there, surviving not by hype, but by the shear force of their vision.
Here is your guide to the six you should be watching, currently airing or renewed.



By the year 2077, the Corporations have bailed the bankrupt world governments out and taken over, uniting the Earth as one.

The terrorist group Liber8, convicted of murdering thousands, if not millions, of people, escapes execution by traveling 65 years into the past, accidentally bringing Protector Keira Cameron along.

With the fate of her time line in jeopardy, Keira has to do what she believes is right, to protect the future and the family she left behind.

This list is in alphabetical order, but, if I was ranking these shows, Continuum would be at the top, hands down. The only reason I began watching this show is because the actress who plays Keira is Rachel Nichols and she did an outstanding job during her brief stint on Criminal Minds. Incidentally, she left that show for Continuum.

What could easily be a “stop the terrorist action of the week” show is nowhere near that. Continuum is one of the best written shows on TV. Sure, there are the obligatory homages to other time travel franchises, especially Terminator, but it is well done, not tounge-in-cheek, and serves the overall story.

What sets this series apart from other shows is, not only do the creators have rules regarding how time travel works, they stick rigidly to them, but they obviously have A PLAN. They know what has happened and are in the process of telling that story in an incredibly dramatic fashion. On average, I am saying ‘Holy crap!’ at least once an episode.

Continuum should be on everyone’s list and with the first two seasons out, totaling only 23 episodes, and Season 3 currently airing on Showcase (Canada) and on SyFy (US) about three weeks later, it is a great time to jump aboard.

I will be mentioning this show again in the future…


Falling Skies

Aliens have invaded and done a terrific job of wiping out most of the population. There are resistance movements, though, around the world, battling to free the Earth from control, and stop the complete annihilation of all humanity, by the Espheni and the “Skitters” and mechs under their command. Falling Skies follows the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment led by an ex-History Professor, Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) as they fight back on the US East Coast and struggle to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.

Falling Skies was created by Robert Rodat, the writer of Saving Private Ryan, and is Executive Produced by Steven Speilberg.

Filmed for TNT (US), this show has a gritty feel about it, in the same vein as The Walking Dead, minus the horror factor, replacing it with a strong SciFi element. It has a trench warfare feeling about it, people get shot, not everyone lives, and the drama and desperation propels this tale forward.

The first three seasons are out, totaling 30 episodes and Season 4 with 12 episodes premieres June 22, 2014 here in the US.



With the news of a possible outbreak, an Arctic research facility reaches out for the assistance of the Center For Disease Control. When the team arrives, they find themselves embroiled in machinations beyond their own simple life-or-death struggle, what happens may very well decide the continued existence of the human race.

Helix is a serial thriller created by Cameron Porsandeh and filmed and produced by Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica 2004) for the SyFy channel. Lovecraftian at times, what sets this series apart is that each episode takes place in a single day with the first season happening in less than a two weeks. The 13 episode first season is out and Season 2 is slated to begin in the Winter of 2015.


The 100

One hundred years after a Nuclear War devastates the Earth, the descendants of the scientists trapped in orbit, on a collection of satellites that have become ‘The Ark’, launch an escape pod containing 100 of their children down to the surface to see if it is capable of supporting life. Not your average group of young people, these were labeled ‘criminal’ and locked away for disobeying the rigid laws set to ensure the survival of the last of humanity.

What could easily have became a teen angst ridden Lord of the Flies, The 100, at times, reminds me a little of the early days of the Battlestar Galatica reboot.

With the first season clocking in at 13 episodes and Season 2 already ordered for the Fall 2014, this is the perfect time to jump on board a series that has joined my ‘can’t miss’ list. Buying the rights to an, at the time, unpublished book was a gamble by the CW that has paid off in spades.

orphan black

Orphan Black

Sarah Manning arrives on a station platform, just in time to see herself step into the path of an oncoming train. On a whim, part instinct, part con artist, Sarah picks up the woman’s bag, and falls into a rabbit hole of conspiracy and intrigue about who, and what, she really is.

Orphan Black is another show I watched on a whim, and am thankful for it. As with all of these shows I am listing, the cast is incredible, and at the front of the pack is Tatiana Maslany, who plays Sarah and numerous other clones.

Yes, clones, and this is not a spoiler.

Tatiana does an exceptional job making each one of them have their own personality. True, the writers play a part in this, but she breathes the life into the characters.
She is joined by Jordan Gavaris, who plays Sarah’s foster brother Felix, and Orphan Black would not be the same without him. Felix provides a familial connection enabling us to instantly care for Sarah and the fate of her sisters. He is likable and is the funny side of the show, expertly there to relieve some of the tension and provide a foundation of reality.

There is no coincidence that this show is also produced in Canada like Continuum, this one for the channel Space, and that it follows the same production model as all but one of the shows on this list, the one with of a limited, or shortened, number of episodes. Quality over flash and poor writing, works every time.
Season 1 is 10 episodes long as is Season 2 which is currently airing on Space and BBC America.


Person of Interest

There is a computer program that watches over us every hour of everyday. It sees everything.

It was put in place by the Government, to monitor, predict and prevent acts of terrorism in a post-911 world.

There was a by product of all this data, it saw normal people who are in danger or a danger to others, preventable acts of violence that the Government deemed ‘nonessential’.

The creator of the program designed a backdoor out of the system, a blind would only release numbers to both sides, the Government and their agents received the terror threats, and the programmer would receive the others.

What began as a way for Harold Finch to help those left behind by the Government, has become much more.

Last, but not least, in a three way tie for ‘Best of the Best’ on this list, is Person of Interest.

What seemed to begin as a ‘Batman without the cool gadgets’ show has evolved into one of the best dramas on TV.

With stars Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel being joined by Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker, and an incredible supporting cast in tow, Person of Interest continues to hold my attention with a story driven tale of power and responsibility.

The one outlier on this list, Season 3 recently finished its 68th episode and has been renewed for a 4th season in the Fall 2014. While this show is the heaviest in terms of number of episodes, Person of Interest is worth the time.

You have a few months to catch up.

And there you go, six SciFi shows you should be watching.

Did I miss one? Is there one you feel I should have included but left off the list?

I am going to be posting an “Honorable Mention” list, the three SciFi shows from last season, canceled, but still worth watching, so let me know below and check it out later to see if I picked your favorite.

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  1. I have seen some os Falling Skies and Person of Interest here in Brazil. They are amazing! Steven Spielberg is a great guy to have on any production! There is a new show here called “Believe” that seems quite interesting too!
    As usual, great review, my friend!
    I will look into the other series you mentioned here, indeed!
    Best regards from Brazil!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I have watched the first few episodes of Believe, seems okay, though I think it has been canceled. i will let you know!

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