One year later, Apple still headed wrong way with Maps

Apple still lost with Maps (Image by valleygirl_tka via Flickr)

After a weekend of record breaking sales on their latest iPhone offering (again), Apple got an unfortunate report published by FastCompany. A year after Apple nixed Google’s Maps for their own in-house map application, Apple still seems to be giving some really bad directions to their customers. The latest report of erroneous directions comes from Alaska’s Fairbanks International Airport.

Convenient? Yes. Wrong? Absolutely!

According to the report from the Alaska Dispatch, Apple’s Maps has given numerous drivers directions that take them from a service road and onto the runway. As convenient as that more direct route may seem, airport officials are not happy with Apple’s gaffe nor do they recommend you take that “right onto Taxiway B.”

The route is actually a service route for general aviation pilots; despite all the signs barring civilian traffic, the airport had to stop two drivers over the last three weeks – one of which tried to take a “shortcut” by cutting across the runway. In hopes of curbing hapless drivers blindly following their GPS instructions, Fairbanks International Airport has erected various barriers and even appealed to Alaska’s Attorney General to have Apple issue a fix.

This isn’t the first instance of Apple Maps users have been led astray; that said Apple has said they’re looking into a fix. No matter how many gold iPhones you may sell, this is not a good look for a company that prides itself on user experience.

Source: FastCompany, Alaska Dispatch

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