Kev’s second interview from Brazil, Gustavo on June 23, 2013, the Protests explained #ChangeBrazil

After a slight delay, here is my second interview about Brazil, this one with Gustavo of Belo Horizonte, Brazil dated June 23, 2013. Still relevant because the protests will continue until major changes happen.

We cover the beginnings of the protests, what happened in Belo Horizonte on June 22nd, the different types of police, who the protesters are, the actual minimum wage in Brazil, and how the deplorable national healthcare, poorly paid teachers and widespread corruption are among the real reasons for these protests, not the raise in public transportation costs.

All images were posted to BH nas Ruas. Follow them for an inside look at how the protests will continue between now and the World Cup next year.

For a take on why Brazilians hate FIFA, Gustavo has written a very informative article you will find here:

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