Rejoice! A new Lady Mechanika is on the way!

She survived a serial killer’s three year terror campaign through England.

She was the only one out of innumerable victims.

Left with no memories and mechanical limbs, the woman dubbed ‘Lady Mechanika’ by the press uses her talents to pursue a career as a private detective, solving crimes others cannot in a turn of the century world where magic and science exist side-by-side while searching the world for her identity.
Written and illustrated by Joe Benitz, colored by Peter Steigerwald, Lady Mechanika is one of the best independently produced books today.

It is Steampunk done right. The artwork you see on these covers is the same quality as the artwork inside., which is probably one of the reasons why this title began in 2010 and is only on issue #3.

And it is worth the wait.

Within the last week, Joe Benitez announced, on the Lady Mechanika Facebook page, that they are shooting for a San Diego Comic Con release of issue #4.

So, one way or the other, within the next few months, we will get the next chapter.

Issues #0 – 3, and the Collected (#0 and #1) are extremely hard to find, though it is possible, and, if you have the inclination, they are available electronically on at least the Kindle. For those who do not like long waiting periods between issues, there is talk of a trade edition collecting all the issues, 1 through 5, when #5 is published.

If there is a book that made me ‘giddy’, it is this one and I cannot recommend it more, especially to those who are fans of Steampunk.

For those lucky enough to be in the area, Joe will be attending the Big Wow Comicfest this weekend, May 18-19, in San Jose.

Hit the source link below for Joe Benitez’s official homepage and be sure to check out the Lady Mechanika Facebook Page as well.


Sources: Joe Benitez’s official page, Lady Mechanika on FB

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