It may be Spring Break lull time, but there is a new Star Wars! Comics for 3-13-2013

Slow week this go around, seems the Spring Break scheduling blues the TV networks get effects the publishers as well.


Batgirl #18 (DC)

This week’s Batgirl deals with the aftermath of the “Death in the Family” storyline that has been tearing through the Bat-verse these past few months. Of note is this book is “The first of two issues by guest writer Ray Fawkes!” according to the DC website.

Why, you may ask, since Gail Simone is extremely happy writing this title?

Well, a few months back, Gail Simone was fired, by email, by DC. I am not sure about the exact details, at this point there is some sort of ‘official’ story. What I do know is it involved creative differences, a fan uprising that got out of hand, and Gail Simone tweeting that all she can say is Gail Simone is no longer writing Batgirl, Gail Simone is the new writer of Batgirl.

Messiness aside, it is in the past. I look forward to reading this issue and seeing what Ray Fawkes has to offer.

Triggergirl #6 (Image)

Triggergirl 6 was originally published in Creator-Owned Heroes and is presented by Image complete with extras in this one-shot edition.

Triggergirls, deadly, nigh unstoppable assassins, have been continually sent out after the President. Who and why is not known.

The artwork in this book is AMAZING as well as the pacing, and concept.

Well, until the last part.

Not to be spoiler-y, but the reason all this is happening is because the President, during his two terms, has been accelerating the destruction of the environment with his policies.

I am for protecting the planet, it is just how this story element is handled. The twist comes so suddenly at the end, and we have to accept so much, it just does not feel right.

That being said, 95% of this story is fantastic and Phil Noto’s illustration is enough to make this a must have.

Star Wars #3 (Dark Horse)

Han and Chewie are ambushed, Leia questions the loyalty of one of her team members and comes up with a plan to uncover the spy while Luke wonders exactly why she has recruited him.

So great, this series feels like home. Kudos to Brian Wood.

Ghost #4 (Dark Horse)

Ghost and company crash a party to stop the Mayor from tearing a rift between worlds. Involved is a box, oddly similar to a LeMarchand cube, and Ghost’s past, which she still cannot remember, but plays a vital roll in the current situation since the cube created her.

Love the artwork in this book and, as I have said before, I need to read the back issues I have and rediscover this series.

Emily and the Strangers #2 of 4 (Dark Horse)

It is the day of the first band practice post-contest win and Emily is not especially happy about it, but, per the terms of her getting to keep the guitar, Emily has to show up and make it work anyway.

Can this fiercely independent individual learn to work as a band?

Odd but fun, Emily and the Strangers is a great example of an engaging story without it being shocking, adult, violent…you get the picture.

Want your youngest to read more? Try this series, comic books are the gateway to literature.

That will do it for this week. Feedback is welcome so comment below.

What are you reading today?

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