Young Romance from DC’s New 52 and other assorted Valentine candies for your inner geek, new comics 2-13-2013

This week we have some great titles, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Young Romance: The New 52 Valentine’s Day Special #1, One Shot (DC)
Love abounds in the DC Universe in this one shot special featuring six stories dealing with various relationships across the rebooted time line of The New 52.
More like vignettes, these little time outs give romantic perspective to a few of the main characters behind DC’s bigger titles, Batman and Catwoman, Aquaman and Mera, Apollo and Midnighter, Nightwing and Ursa minor, and, finally, of course, Wonder Woman and Superman.
These are not happy, sappy stories, but reflect how the heroes’ quests impact the characters’ personal lives. There is even one non-couple tale featuring Batwoman and a man whose life she saved with a kiss, called ‘Dreamer’, which posits the question ‘What if?’
A really cool geeky thing they included with this compilation is a two page pullout with little Valentine’s day cards and cheesy sayings like Catwoman’s ‘You’re purr-fect’ or Superman’s ‘My love is more powerful than a locomotive’.
While not a must read for anyone following the regular issues, it is a great addition for those who enjoy them.

Ex Sanguine #5 (Dark Horse)
Saul Adams, vampire at large, has to deal with his serial killer ex and a federal agent who has had a psychotic break in the conclusion of this supernatural miniseries. This title pulled me in, even though I read it out of order, with its back story and intriguing characters.
What is driving the events of this series has not been revealed, but I can tell you the resolution has a nice twist and me looking forward to the next limited series.

Storm Dogs #3 of 6 (Image)
Aramanth is a protected world on the edge of settled space with a limited, legal mining presence and seven suspicious deaths. The company has sent a team to investigate and find out who, or what, killed those workers on a planet with incredible potential, especially if the right murderer is fingered.
Blending science fiction, mystery and espionage together successfully is difficult but no one told David Hine such a thing, or at least he ignored those suggestions. By doing so, he has done an outstanding job building a universe that is believable, intriguing and has me scrambling to read the first two issues.
Storm Dogs is this week’s ‘Must read’ book.

Star Wars #2 (Dark Horse)
Brian Wood continues spinning an incredible story in this second installment.
Leia introduces her covert group to their mission, Han Solo and Chewbacca are doing what they do best on a secret run for the Rebellion, and Slave 1 makes an appearance.
I enjoyed the first one and this issue is even better. With its new characters, old friends, and expanding storylines, you know how it ends but the journey itself is always the best part and I definitely recommend this for any fan of Star Wars.

Iron Man #6 (Marvel)
Tony Stark has gone on walkabout into space seeking adventure, inspiration and challenges beyond Earth norm. With his new AI, P.E.P.P.E.R. and modular suit, Tony finds himself in the Voldi Tear attempting a Classic Star Trek fantasy after defeating some pirates, what could go wrong?
Or, more accurately, what the hell has Tony done now?
New 3 issue story arc, incredible art and why are you not reading this title yet?

The End Times of Bram & Ben #2 of 4 (Image)
The post-Rapture continues as Bram’s announcement spreads through the internet and the battle between Heaven and Hell, or at least their minions, heats up.
Ever wonder what it would look like here on Earth in the wake of the Rapture without all of that Kirk Cameron stuff and a tongue-in-cheek delivery? This is your read.

Spawn #228 (Image)
There are two reasons I have included this here.
One, awesome take on a classic Superman cover by Todd McFarlane
Two, I have not read Spawn in a long time and this issue has me wanting to read the last 100+ books to find out what has happened.
Todd McFarlane is still writing this and there is a new Spawn, Jim Downing. While the darkness grows inside Jim, he seeks answers and the curse haunts those touched by his rebirth, corrupting and taking lives.
The artwork inside is beautiful. Szymon Kudranski has illustrated a very visually stunning book.
At the very least, look this one over, you will not be disappointed.

That is it for this week. Is there a book you think I should be reading? Want me to review? Let me know how I am driving below!

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