This week’s comics, the thriller Snapshot, Star Wars, Justice League and more!

This week, at fist glance, I found nothing to catch my eye that was new.

I took a break and gave the list of previews another look and that made all the difference.

Sometimes that second chance is worth it.

Snapshot #1 of 4 (Image Comics)

Jake Dobson is your typical nerd, works in a comic book store in San Francisco and someone whose life is about to get really interesting.

It all starts when Jake finds a cell phone on the way to work and discovers pictures on it that show a murder. Trying to do the right thing involves him in a life threatening mystery when the ‘dead’ man is alive and a police officer shows up to claim the phone, and kill him…

For whatever reason I missed this title the first go around and it is the one I am most glad I found.

Love thrillers, this is your read!





Justice League, The New 52 (DC)







The Justice League, a group of superheroes that work together in order to defend the Earth and its population from threats too large for just one to face on their own.

What happens when you throw a lot of individuals who are used to not answering to anyone but themselves and have the egos to match? There is your story.

I admit, when the relaunch happened, I gave this title a pass, though only because I was limiting myself to a few comics. When the first collection came out in hardcover I gave it a look. I was amazed at how well the characters were written by Geoff Johns, and how delicious the art is, by Jim Lee for the first 12 issues, now illustrated by Ivan Reis.

I have been a reader ever since.

From the closing battles of the Apokolips invasion, to the revenge of a man they once saved, to the famous kiss and the current cross-over “Throne of Atlantis” with Aquaman, this series has been a juggernaut of goodness.

The first two story arcs are out in hardcover if you want to catch up and if you are not going to support your local comic book dealer, they can be found on the cheap elsewhere.


Star Wars Dark Times: Fire Carrier #1 of 5 (Dark Horse)

Order 66 has been given and the Jedi are on the run. Master K’Kruhk is guarding a group of younglings and has just crash landed on the planet Arkinnea after an encounter with pirates. Hiding in a group of refugees may be a good idea, but there is danger on the horizon.

Part of an ongoing series under the umbrella title “Dark Times”, this limited one was easy to pick up. I have no idea what happened in the previous installments beyond the movies but that did not stop me from becoming immersed in this rich universe.




Debris Trade Paperback

In an Earth of the future, the world is one giant landfill and the survivors eek out an existence over the last known source of fresh water. When a Colossal, robot monsters with a spark of life, attacks and destroys the pumping system, it is up to their last protector, Maya, to hunt down a mythical city and fresh water, or never return.

A simple mythological story presented with excellent art and creature design. Not too deep story-wise but worth picking up if you love this genre and want a beautiful book


Dia De Los Muertos #1 of 3 (Image Comics)

A new ghost story anthology from Image Comics centering around The Day of The Dead, when the dead can walk with the living.

Nine writers over three issues are teaming up with Riley Rossmo, who is also the artist for the previously mentioned Debris, to bring these chilling tales to us.

Rich artwork and surreal tales makes this a must have for fans of the genre.






Below are titles I have mentioned before and want to give a quick blurb to before I go.

You should already be reading these, but just in case…

First off, we have Superior Spider-Man #3. Marvel is putting the first few issues of this new series out each week and it has been a great read. Peter has upped his attempts at control and Doc Ock’s scientific approach to seduce Mary Jane are met with some pretty sad results while his new crime fighting techniques take some surprising turns.

Colder #4 continues to unfold a rich universe accessed by the minds of the insane and we find out more about Nimble Jack and his plans for Declan.





Hellboy in Hell #3 journeys deeper into the mystery of Hellboy’s origins and his ultimate purpose in the scheme of things with a twist at the end.

In Willow #4, Willow finds a prison and becomes even more determined to return magic to the Earth. An epiphany reveals an old enemy and the road to success. (That is the Megan Lara variant cover pictured on the left!)











There you go! I love to hear what you are reading, let me know below!

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