WebOS resurrected inside LG Smart TVs

HP did quite the number on Palm’s critically lauded smartphone platform; after buying Palm, killing the Pre and WebOS as a mobile device platform, and finally use WebOS in (of all things) printers,  it seems that HP finally found a buyer for the hamstringed operating system – LG.

In a report from TheNextWeb, LG purchased various patents and the source code for WebOS from HP for an undisclosed amount, effectively taking the operating system out of its grave and giving it a new lease on life. If you’re getting excited about the possibility of new LG handsets powered by WebOS, don’t. LG’s plans for WebOS appear to be limited to use in their lineup of smart TVs. There is a small caveat; LG has announced that it will continue to support Palm users.

Looks like this year’s Mobile World Congress will offer some unexpected surprises after all.

Sources: CNet, The Next Web

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