The Copyright Alert System’s “Six Strikes” Policy Goes Live Today

Remember that grand agreement between the RIAA and MPAA with the 5 biggest internet service providers in the US? The short version is that they’ve agreed on a five-to-six “alert” system before they either throttle your download speeds or outright restrict browsing capabilities. “Enforcement” of the system had been long been pushed back from an originally prosposed “end of 2011” date, then to July 2012, and again quietly moved to December 2012. It looks like the wait is now over.

According to TorrentFreak’s source in the Center for Copyright Information (CCI), enforcement of the “Six Strikes” agreement has gone into effect as of today. BitTorrent users should expect to be closely monitored by copyright holders as they begin to send out the first wave of  infringement “alerts” to ISPs’ subscribers.

It’s important to note that the alert system can be easily circumvented by using a proxy server, VPN service, UseNet, datalockers, or other non-P2P service. Per the source article, the CCI’s intent isn’t stop piracy (because that’s likely /s) but instead to “educate the public.”

No word on just how far-reaching this new system will be but we’ll keep on the look out as the first round of notices go out.

Source: TorrentFreak

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