Facebook Groups Updated, Now Your private group isn’t so private

Didn’t I leave this Flava of Love group 5 years ago?

“Hey would you like to support my band, cause, or secret society? Join our Facebook Group!” And join you did – back in 2007. If you thought that once you left you’d never have to be reminded of that group you left years back, apparently that is not the case.

Sometime in the last 20 hours Facebook overhauled their Groups feature and there has been some very unfortunate glitches in the process – among them, auto-adding past members including to “closed” or private groups. If you’ve ever been a member of a group and had a less than amicable falling out, you were less than pleased to find your stream filled with post, updates, and tags from groups that you had long since abandoned.

The clusterfuck doesn’t seem to end there either; various tipsters have indicated that some of the migrated data for closed groups has become “open” therefore all posts made in confidence could possibly be viewed by anyone who might happen to come across a group (or you know stalking you). We’ve reached out to Facebook for comment and will update as information becomes available.

Have you noticed any additional quirks, glitches, or suffered ridicule for the groups you were a part of (like this reporter’s Flava of Love group membership); let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: Facebook confirmed the error and has promised a fix soon. [via NBC News]

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